“Sucked out by the vacuum of space” -a short story, Part 7, section 2

What the hell are you listening to?” Ben2Times asked Natalianese.

She was wriggling in her chair and nodding her head to some unknown beat and it was starting to annoy Ben2Times how happy and content she seemed while tied up.  He was the one that should be that happy and here she was all tied up and having a grand time and he was free and miserable.

“I mean… can you hear it in your head or whatever or what?  Because I can’t hear it.” He said and pulled up a straight-back chair in front of her.  He looked down at the two twisty ties connecting her wrists together.  They had eased up on the rope and now he was wondering about that.  She seemed fine though.

“What do you care?  You wouldn’t understand anyway…” Natalianese said and closed her eyes and smiled a little real smile.  He couldn’t believe it.

“Well, it’s just that… Listen, I wanna know okay?  Is that good enough? All of this stuff is happening and I need to know some things.  Starting with this. How can you hear things in your head that we can’t and… and… what are they saying” He asked and leaned forward in his chair, his elbows on his knees, looking straight at her.  “Will you just open your eyes?”

“Why” she replied.

“Natalianese… don’t be difficult.  It’s me, Ben2Times.  You know me, we have history okay?  Now wait- first of all no one has to know about that and don’t go being a radio reporter all skitzed out and shit telling everybody about it, but listen, you know me.  Look at me.”

Natalianese opened her eye.  The other three stayed shut and that bothered him but he kept it to himself.

“Ok, that’s good,” he said, “That’s a start. Now…”

“I don’t know you.” Natalianese said.

“What?! You know me, what are you talking about?” Ben2Times replied.

“I don’t know you.  Who knows anything these days? Who knows when the bumblebee will?  Who knows when the working and THE BEST EPIC army strong theme song composed by Hope and IJa…”

“Let’s not do this again.” Ben2Times interrupted.  “I don’t wanna hear all of that crazy shit and I definitely don’t want to have to body slam you again.” he said.

Ohhhhhh Ben….. are you gonna give me the whatfor?” Natalianese said sarcastically and opened a few more of her eyes.

“Oh I see, now I have your attention.  Do I have to make you angry to get your attention?” he asked her.

“Oh I see, now I have your attention.  Do I have to make you hangry to get your attention?” she sneered back.

“Oh My God what a child.” Ben2Times said and got up, exasperated.  He accidentally knocked the chair over and it landed, really only slightly grazed, Natalianese’s wrist.

“OHHHHH OHHHH it hurts.  YOU HAVE INJURED ME!” she cried while all of her eyes flew open in a series like some sort of weird Jurassic dance.

“That doesn’t even make sense…” Ben2Times said but he did feel a little guilty for hitting her while she was still technically tied together.  He leaned over to touch her hand gently and inspect it.

She stopped crying and looked at him deeply. “Ben2Times… I need you to do something for me” she said and pursed her lips in a quiver.

“What is it?” he said and looked up into her eyes.

They were watering.

“I…I feel kinda silly saying this but nobody’s brushed my hair.  I need you to brush my hair, it’s so much easier.” she said and looked demurely away.

He felt his gut cringe and couldn’t really identify what he was feeling.  “Sure Natalianese, let me go find a brush, I mean… I haven’t seen one since we’ve been here and now that I think of it, I’ve never seen any of us brush our hair or brush or teeth or anything.” He paused and looked into the distance of the lobby of the Burger Bop. “It’s like it’s not even there or we skip over that part or I keep waking up and doing other stuff but not little stuff like that.  Do you?  Do you dream about brushes?” he looked at her and blushed just a little. “I know that’s probably a weird question and all right now..”

“I do.” she replied.  “I dream about brushed all the time.”  She looked down at the twisty ties, “…in fact, that’s all I dream about…. brushes.” She looked up at him again. “You gotta help me Ben2Times, you’re the only one I can count on…”

“Okay, I’ll go find one, don’t worry.” he said and strode off toward the utility closet. d

A lone letter ‘d’ crept up behind Natalianese and tapped her on the shoulder.

“You again,” she sighed, “you know I can’t turn all the way around.”

“Yes you can, what are you saying?” the letter replied.

“You know what I mean.  What do you want anyway?”

“I wanna play gin rummy again.”

“They’re not supposed to know, okay?  I’m tied up.  That’s all there is… go away.” She replied.

“But I’m bored.”

“Git Outta here!” she hissed, “and I mean it.”

“Fine.” the letter replied.  “But you will rue.”

“What?” Natalianese asked, “what does that even mean?”

“You know… rue.  Your body will definitely rue.  I will make rue happen to you.  Expect it.  Like Hans Zimmer.”

“WHAT the fuck does that even mean?” she replied and then looked at him suspiciously, “Appalachian?  Are you the Appalachian I’ve been searching for?”  “Are you a muscle inspiration?”

What? That’s ridiculous,” the ‘d’ responded, “I doubt I will ever have the chance to zimmer or even…”

“Natalianese,” Ben2Times said as he walked up and surprised them.  “Why are you talking to that ‘d’?”

“She will rue, that’s why.” the ‘d’ responded.

“Rue what?” Ben2Times looked confused.

The ‘d’ turned away without responding and Natalianese shifted in her chair.

“Where’s the brush?” she asked him.

He looked despondantly around the Burger Bop.  “I couldn’t find one, Natalianese I’m sorry.”

“Well here…. just use your fingers” she said and looked at him curiously.

He walked over closer to her and began to run his fingers through her hair.  There were tangles and a few rough binds but they snapped through and Natalianese moaned softly, closing her eyes.  But then all of a sudden her eyes snapped open and she glared up at him.

“Hey. Who are you?” she asked.

“Hey, it’s me, Ben2Times… you know me.  What do you mean?”




It was all downhill after she pulled out the paint

(Later on my little sister said, “I thought downhill was easy …you roll. lolol)  I started program called Running Start where I get to go to the college and take classes to get me ready.  It is not so bad.  Today a lady from LIQUItex came in to talk to us about paints and paint mixing and putting the paint with the gels and taking the paint off the thing and acrilic verses spray paint and a lot of other things.  FOR TWO AND ONE HALF HOURS.  She talked.

About paint.


I will ruin you. Oh fuck u fuck u liquitex. The first creative writing I wrote about it from my notes (since OUR TEACHER said we had to take notes and be intrested for more credit in the class)


“We take everything”



make it pee.

That is how you make indian yellow.








They appreciate it more

so not to mute

further from intense



Clear gesso

Black gesso

They gotta white gesso

Gray gesso

all the gessos you need


She has practical red lips.  Not too red.  An apron.  She looks like she curled her hair in three big curls in the front with a curling iron and didn’t come them out.  Brown and flat.  The teacher gave me a mini spray can of cadmium yellow.  It is full of lead they said.  Don’t get it on your hands its really bad to have lead and if you have some from twenty years ago it never goes out of your system just builds up so don’t be artsy with cadmium yellow.  The can is small like a mace and I said to my friend I would use it on any attacker. Oooooohhhhh I’m gonna give you cancer.  Eventually.  Well officer, he’s yellow.  Thats who.




One time she accidently said Lubritex and nobody noticed.  There were so many gels and medium and heavy high quality, but my aunt said all really need is vaseline for wet and shiny or old mascara to mute it.




“Excuse me while I shift into a different hue”


“color shifting”

Spray paint with acrilic

she wouldn’t answer if it worked on brick

or concrete. It is almost crack resistant


Afganastan aquamarine

we make all the afganastan ultra marines go home and google outside.



Please stop interacting with my light.



I told the girl sitting next to me that they spray painted they’re hands on the wall at the end of blair witch and she ignored me as usual.  After about an hour somebody asked how much the spray cans were and I really wanted to know too.  She said she wasn’t sure and not that good with prices, she would find out at the end.  She fucking knows.  She KNOWS.  Her apron says LIQUITEX.  What game is this?


I thought about stealing some spray cans.  But I didn’t.  I stopped doing that. I can’t sleep if I do.  We had to stay till the end.  I really wanted to finish my new photoshop tutorial, it was getting fun.  And now I found out that we have to do the art all period indoors, with a group, no photoshop, during daytime.  Perfect. I like to draw outside, alone, at night.  Oh well.  At least I’m running start.



A savory color










Fuck Medication and My Haunted Little Sister

We’ll I’m really not saying fuck my sister that’s why putting words in the right place is important like playing by the rules or least acting like it LOL. Guess a better title will be Fuck Medication and Why I’m not afraid of Haunted Little Sister.  My fucking dum ass english teacher would like that.  LOLOL.  Oh she hates the LOL btw, she aid it doesn’t go in any book report or even daily dialogues.  I found her on facebook and almost DMed her a whole fucking page of LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOOLOLLOLLOLOLOLOLOLOLO LOLOO OOLOLOLO LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLO LOLOLOLOLOLLLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLO LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLLOLOLOLOOO

but I’m sure she woulda got her big ass pannies in a bunch and wouldn’t even pullthem out like walk around all day with your pannies in your ass and rubbing up against your hole and all itchy and too gaddam afraid to pull them out bc OH WHAT WOULD OTHER PEIOPLE THINK ABOUT MY HAND NEAR <MY ASS!  Lolololololol.  That made me laugh. Glad she doesn’t know abt my blog or my mom, anyone really, I can say what I want.  Anyway atm I am sitting her thinking about medication and how the docter tried to put me on PROZAC and another one I forgot bc I said fucck everything too many times I guess.

I did n’t want to do it but my mom was like come on baby give it a go or some dum encouraged shit like that and I did it.  For about a month I guess and the doc said it takes even two weeks to get in your system but I don’t beleive him how could he know hes not in my system.  Then I met an old lady on the street who said her dog was on it to and apperently most dogs nowadays are and they give the the SAME pills as humans lol.  That’s funny.  Or cunty if you think about it too hard wich is what I did for a while and I got mad again and saID FUCKKKKK YOOOOOOO MEDIIIIICATTTTIONN and tried to feed it to some squirrels.  They didn’t buy cuz they were probably some smart ass squirrells who needed to get there nuts and know it wouldn’t be a man walking around handin nuts out at the end of the day like we all do with a paycheck.  Ok so thats most of the fuck meditation story theres more but I gotta go in a minute and I wanted to write this bc I wasn’t even writing much when I was strung out I was just staring at the grass and counting sheep and shit. Like that prozac dog waking down the street swaying my ass. Oh look at stacyyyyy so serene she ‘s doing so good but really

I wasn’t doing so good and I was still seeing stuff in my doorway. at night the most of the timed.  During the day I never saw people in the bushes or nothing but if I was tired or not paying attntion I would see stuff in the corne of my eye and like going by real fast but I think that happens to everybody if they notice or just don’t’ think about it.  But at night falling asleep I always stare at my doorway and sometime I get weird but I try not to.  I get so sleepy and I leave the lamp on but when my eyes are falling asleep or they flit open sometimes over and over I can see stuff moving around and it FREAKS ME THE FUCK OUT.  I gotta deal with it tho cuz I gotta sleep and I aint no punk 9mm scared ass ho nonruthless.  I think a gun would be a bad idead tho.  How you shoot a ghost? You don’t.  you just deal with it and not be a punk bitch.

plus I don’t like saying ghost I’m not saying that ijs it’s some weird stuff and its in my brain or in this house.  Whatever.  Anyway I can only sleep on my right side and I want to sleep on my left side but then I would be facing the wall with my back to the room and the door wich I think is a dum idea,  I’m not saying I’m scared bc if I was scared I wouldn’t go to sleep but something says just to keep your line sight this way just so you know.  And THEN the other night my haunted ass little sister did some more weird shit.  I remember when one of my moms ex boyfriend would sleep over sometimes and one time I woke up and went downstairs and he was sitting there in the couch staring off into  space.  And I said Nico wtf? And fhe didn’t respond he just sit there kinda zombie like.  I kept walking down the stairs and said Nico Nico and finally he said whaa? Like he was still kinda asleep and I figured later he was sleepwalking or something right?  I said whatcha doing down here? (middle of the night!) and he just kept saying what like he didn’t understand my question.

He did it a few more times too and it got too creepy and I told my mom like with the lost look in his eye and it is SUPER FUCKING WEIRD to talk to somebody when their like that.  And then I go to sleep thinking what is he doing and when will he wake up? My fucking mom said “oh Staaacy, you’re so funny, nico just gets real tired from working construction and gets all out of it, NOT a big deal, he’s fine.

It’s not fine mom.  It’s not fine.  This nico ho unpimpish lesson one- don’t be creepin at night- lesson 2 you might get popped spliffed. THEN I watched part of a movie called AMiytville horror on netflix and had to turn it off when that man kept wandering around with his dum ass beard and dog.  FUCK that shit.  I m glad she broke up with him.

So then damn this is long but I’m almost done.  Last night my little sister kinda did the same thing and unforchinately we can’t break up with her.  I was sleep and then I opened my eyes and RIGHT when I opened my eyes she was there coming from a weird direction in my doorway walking toward me slowly almost like her feet weren’t moving up down and it was a glide. But it was strange too SHE JUST APPEARED THERE like she didn’t really come from that direction either somehow idk.  This weird look on her face and wide eyes and tear marks lines on her face.  She just said STaaacy….. stacy and I jumped up and put my hand out in front of me like a football player but I didn’t’ want to scare here either bc that’s my sister anyway.  I said ok come here and she did I grabbed her shoulders said what’s wrong, what’s wrong and she said idk.

Then she said “nobody likes me they don’t like me, nobody likes me” and I was like who? I said why you come from that direction bc her room was the other way and she didnt answer.  I said Where were you!? Where were you and she said idk.  “Did you go downstairs?  And she said yeah she was looking for me but idk if thats true.  I can’t  figure out why I opened my eyes right when she kinda appeared in my doorway and then I just told her to get in bed with me anyway.  So she kicked me all night naturaly and now I’m so sleepy and gotta go meet my new bf at the mall at 1.  Nice.