2nd poem to my stalker, all the way from Brazil

I want you to get the something you came for.
I don’t care anymore.
You won’t be able to carry it home anymore oh
So intellectual guess what?
I don’t give a shit anymore.

I don’t care if ur following my phone
Writing me poems
Making things harder for this around me
You can try to convince me that I’m going crazy… Guess what

I know I’m not.
And I LITERALLY dont give a FUCK what u do u could walk in my house and chop me up into little pieces and I’d be like
yup, that’s cool.

It’s not that I want to die, but if I did, so what? I’m not scared of you.

And I’m not crazy.

So go ahead, try your best, come in daddy give it too me hard
Oh really? U think it’s fun?
I think it’s funner.
Let’s do this shit.


Most of my mom’s friends are medicated and they keep trying to get me on drugs

One thing they (the schools, teachers, my pastor) always say is “Don’t do drugs!”

But I was just thinking today (and yesterday) about how all of my mom’s friends always try to tell me about Wellbutrin, Prozac, Zoloft, Ambien, and Abilify.  These fancy assholes keep showing up at our doorstep with tidings and cheer (I mean drugged drooly smiles plastered on they’re faces with fake FAKE drugs).

They show up and come in shaking off the snow and so fucking smelling good and they took a shower that morning and didn’t read the news about refugees or didn’t think about how America is Screwed BECAUSE THEY WERE SO FUCKING HIGH FROM THE AMBIEN last night and the few other stuff they popped right that morning.

I fucking hate when you get in my face and my mom’s face and say oh Monica you should up your dose or call this doctor and STAAAACY why don’t you try Wellbutrin.

“You look so sad.”

“Why aren’t you singing along with the Christmas carals with us?”

“Don’t pinch me.”

You stupid high idiots I’m sorry, I know some people need it and I probably (no definitely) need it too but I refuse you.  No, thank you. No, screw yourself.  Please stop showing up at our door with false tidings of drugs and I hope you choke on a holly grove or whatever you people eat or suction down without taste buds from the side effects.


Shower me with Prozac chump trump my poem is now

Yeah, well…. yes it’s summer… but it’s snow.

“The answer is simple. As long as Hitler didn’t directly and adversely affect them, the vast majority of Germans didn’t give a toss for anyone else but themselves. Certainly not the Jews.”

“Being that a rather high percentage of the population were addicted to pervetin ‘amphetamine’ would they care if they did know, empathy is strongly subdued by this drug

I think in some ways that the Nazi laws And policies, where not so different to the ‘Jim Crow laws’ in USA, ‘apartheid’ in South Africa,

Citizens in the two countries of example where happy with these laws as a whole and saw nothing wrong with them, nothing was wrong with seeing a black person beaten by police or civilians, nor with vigilante justice of lynching etc”

Some were some weren’t. There was a lot of brainwashing going on under the regime, brainwashing that desensitized people to human suffering

Knew about it? Almost certainly. It’s rather difficult to have millions

lined up at train stations

quick to “concern themselves only with their private lives and tended not to think about what was happening to”

– So yeah we just read about all this stuff in history and I know people are fundamentally or pretty close to dumb these days or always high, also grabbing for money like I see all the time. Anyway- now I had to watch this show from Msnbc for class where they try to understand the trump voters. And I have to make a report on it about understanding and agreeing to disagree and blah blah blah. I wonder if everybody had a better understanding of the large amount of citizens of Germany that supported Hitler when he was elected, like if they were better understood then things would have turned out different. I don’t think so, I think they woulda just had a better head start

get the fuck outta here america

get the fuck out

We do so many shitty things.  Lock people up for no reason, step over the homeless, grab everybodies pussies all the time, no wonder this newer shit of building walls, banning people, torture, hate- it’s all seeping in the cracks that we deep every year by turning the blind eye

what a shitty fucking country I live in

I really do hate this motherfucker

I do

sorry mom


I’m going to start saying more of what I think

Maybe it will make me feel better .

So there was another school shooting today, as usual.



It’s fucked up, yes.  He obviously needed help and was mentally fucked up, you can tell from what the witnesses said he was acting, ”

Throughout the attack, the assailant didn’t yell or say anything, Bower said.
“He was completely silent, which was very creepy. Not even when he was shot (by police),” the student said.
So it was a sad day there, and oh stupid internet also made sure to say that he was brown
I used to try to not talk about race too much but fuck that. Now that the KKK is in the office I’m going to point it out all the time and most of my friends are black or brown or all other races and I’m not going to be cool anymore.  Not that I was before anyways.
So what I’m saying is that I wonder if he were a white kid, would he have been fatally shot like that in less than a minute?  I just wonder…
The officer fatally shot the assailant, eliminating the risk to students, authorities said.

Dude had a knife, not a gun and

“Our officer was on scene in less than a minute, and he ended the situation in less than a minute.”

Pleaes for the love of god somebody eliminate my risk and end my situation.

but I’m going down in flames

And for those of you who say,”Oh no, o gee golly no! how in the world could this happen????”  You guys can go fuck yourself.  You know how it happens.

Take a regular guy
regular, right?
Add in a half the country telling him he’s a piece of shit
over and over again
then make the president say the same shit
now his brain says everyday when he wakes up “hey guy, you’re a piece of shit, and nobody likes you.  Everybody agrees- you suck.”

That’s how it happens you assholes.