What if when we die we only shift a little bit to the left like, everything stays the same, then weird and weird stuff starts happening and finally all of the guides give you the slow reveal and well no its not heaven pretty much feels like hell but then once you get it you realize its not he’ll, you don’t think.

Strange things have been happening and I can’t tell my doctor. The least strange is that I have all this electricity in my hands. The other well first sometimes things fly out or push in as if someone else does it and then the other day I thought of those men that drips sticks or water gouge or whatever because things are seperating. Its hard to explain but at this point no ones reading my blog anyway so who cares. Someone care maybe.

Therea no one who wouldnt think I’m crazy so I keep it to myself.


Sucked out by the vacuum of space A SHORT STORY

 “Sucked out by the vacuum of space”

-a short story


The door to the Burger bop banged open. Then it banged again. Ben2Times didn’t even look up from the fry machine. He had taken to making the salty fries, sifting them around in the hot bin, letting the stinging drips tinge his checkered skin and sut-grimed paws. He liked making the fries. The noise from the entryway and lobby to the Burger Bop registered in his mindport but he refused to look up, he had bigger fish to fry. These fries.

But he couldn’t ignore the static in his head. Some time ago, he wasn’t sure when, all of their new abilities had stopped. It was sudden, and now, back to the old ways. They could plop thoughts in his head at any moment. He could plop his in theirs. It was easy again, except for the static. That was new.

And Stephania. He was still trying to figure how she’d made real things happen, but, whatever, he had these fries. Best to think about fried techniques, and things of that sort.

“Ben!!” someone yelled in his head, he couldn’t tell who.

“Don’t ever call me that,” he finally responded.

“Er… Pardon my trivialities, Mr. Ben2Times, it’s Fritz!” the tinny voice reverbed in one ear, his left one, and the massive static on the right.

“What is it Fritz? I’m busy making fries.”

“Pardon the interruption my good man, I am… we are in trouble, again. My apologies, I am faltering here…”

“Where are you Fritz?” He picked up the handle to the bin and shuffled his friends around. One of them opened it’s eye. It had long eyelashes like a movie star, he thought, and the static started to sing an old-timey tune.

“Can you hear me Ben?!” Fritz’s small voice trailed away and Ben2Times sighed. He grabbed the prongers and clipped the beautiful fry from the pack. She winked at him and curled into the paper film. What a nap.

“What do you need? I’m busy here.”

“Help us! We are trapped— Smithann… Stephania, even Natalaniese.” A whistling roar sounded behind Fritz’s voice. “We cannot weather this climate! These conditions…”

“Hey,” Ben2Times slammed the bin back into the green grease, the neon rivulets splattering the domed ceiling above, “You guys were the ones who left. You left me here. I’m making fries.”

The static roared and Fritz fizzled out and Ben2Times spoke to his fry. “Hey there.”

“Hey you.”

“Ben!!” Stephania crackled loudly.

“For the love of- what?”

“You have to help us!”

“No, I don’t Stephania.” He winked at the yellow fry and mouthed the words “eat you” The static crackled louder, “I don’t have to help you at all.”

“What kind of a person… give me that…” he heard a strange struggle like an object was being pounded into the floor and rattled around and then Smithann was in his head.

“Oh, hey Smithann.”

“Now Ben,” she said sternly, “Ben2Times,” he heard the strange rattling again, “I know that you are better than this. You cannot still be mad at us for what happened. I told you we were sorry but it had to be done.” She sighed and the rattling grew louder, “We need you.”

“What is that noise, anyway?” he asked and sat down on the blue and white lined linoleum. It had small green splotches that shined transparent when you pressed them. He pressed one side of the linoleum and stared down into the black abyss. He saw a stick of dragon float by. He pressed it again and it closed. He leaned back against the hot machine and closed his eyes. What was it all for?

“It’s a black boxed-in type of object, Fritz said something about putting it in his stupid wheelbarrow when we get outta here so he can research it. It’s the only way we could reach you, we’re stuck.”


“I don’t know where!”

“Well, how’d you get there?”

“You know how we got here!”

Ben2Times sighed and opened his eyes. He switched off the fry machine and waved politely at the fry. She frowned. He tried to wipe the grease off of his shirt and managed to rub it in in the worse way. Yanking the cloth above his head, he reached up into the cabinet for a black Burger-Bop complementary t-shirt, being sure to flex a little for the fry while he did.

Once he changed his shirt he walked listlessly over to the walk-in freezer and paused. What was that sound? He looked around him, scanning the dimly lit lobby of the Burger Bop, he didn’t see anyone there. He rested his hand on the cold door and leaned his cheek against it, closing his eyes. The static died down and still nothing. That’s when he heard it.

He opened his eyes and slowly turned around.

He wasn’t sure, but he thought he saw a glimmer in the darkness. Something had giggled—deep and from the gut, and then he heard it again, a maniac sound inside his head.

He slammed his body into the freezer door. It held fast, but at the second time he fell through the door.

There was Fritz. In all his three inches and tuxedo, dragging his wheelbarrow behind him and stroking his beard. Its hairs swept the floor as he walked and muttered to himself. His head snapped up as the freezer slammed.

“It’s you!” His grey face lit up with joy.

“Yes, uh, I’ve come to save you…”


To be continued!


Part 1

NO smoking and writing a novel

My “friend” today said to not call it writing a novel.  She said to do it one piece at a time and don’t say novel.  I’m eating macaroni and cheese and I have a headache.  I’m writing a chapter today.  Tommorw = chapter.

This blows.  I don’t like starting.  My teacher said if I can do short stories and stuff then I can write.  I saw another blog said 3500 words a day he’s doing.  I google it and it says thats 7 pages single spaced.  So I’m going to do what he’s doing.  Doing it now.

I feel weird today.


I feel weird today. I don’t know if it’s reading this book and thinking about murder and what it means to live as a crazy person and liking this guy and all the stuff I gotta do. Everything feels awful and beautiful all at the same time and it’s making me want to cry but not even in a bad way but not in the usual good way either like i’m too full up with all this love that doesn’t even want to go awaya nd i need to figure out what’s wrong with me. Maybe I’m dehydrated.

I also have bad thoughts. so I guess that cancels that out and its all even again. I like this song :

https://youtu.be/mtf7hC17IBM its how i feel and now i think this blog was all about feeling but my doctor says thats improvement ha

whatevs you care wht i listen to ha Reading the Shining Girls by Lauren Beukes and I keep stopping and thinking the weirdness of everything. Listening to this:
This book is crazy and I don’t want to give it away I just want to talk about it. I like how she’s writing in the present and not all the “he jumped” and “She said” but like it’s happening right now. He jumps. She says.

It goes with the book being about time travel. And then there’s the murdering guy with is freaking me out a little (but not a lot) when I think about the stalker I had. HAs. Ugh. The guy I like I WANT to stalk me and I hope he does but it never really happens like that. I think. I want to write a story with the present tense instead of the past but when i try it feels awkward and like the person if they read it will smirk, smug. Like, “This asshole, who’d they think they are writing this bullshit” and then I keep thinking that and my story dies.

I wan t Ben2Times and the rest of them to come back and let me write something awesome about them but I think I did something wrong, and I don’t know who it is yet.


Summer stuff

I’m starting this book for the summer. It looks good and not putting me to sleep at the beach. My mom says don’t read it and my imagination but I think it’ll help me get better with my stories. I want to read Stephens King writing tips book too.

And the “Shining” is on Netflix now June too ha

I want to watch that “It Comes at Night” too but it looks for real scary  I’ll see if I can IMG_20170608_173316_965.jpg

“Sucked out by the vacuum of space” -a short story -part 14

Ben2Times stared down at the letter and then back up into the bathroom mirror.  He looked at himself.  Then he looked at himself again.  It’s me, he thought to himself, it’s definitely me.  He looked at his eyes, nose, mouth… the way his hair touched the top of his fuzzy ears and sparkled silver in the bare light of the bulb, the way his checkered skin gleamed matte in the mirror, he chuckled.

Definitely me, he laughed and shook his head. But the note.  But what about the note?  He read it again,

Dear Mr. Times,
 All is lost.   sorry to report all is lost.  
And Benny
Bl .  k got     ty, and last Tuesday I fo . rgot             g. 
I’m afraid we have disappointed you.
The i HUMAN, as of now.  I therefore void the dog,
  • escape potential ,
  • refrain from
  •         thermore, I have been ignored. Bluntly put, I am probably notxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxd let me dry overnight, xxxxxxxxxxxxe.  Seven dollars.  So easy. 
She will keep asking you x
xx cheaper,
but it is not.  Sincerely yours,
p.s. We need all seven.


What Ben2Times couldn’t understand was how the letter got under his pillow in the first place. He would have woken up at the slight.

What kind of face was this?

A leech looked up from the dirty basin under the faucet and gave him a hurt look. It had taken him forever to crawl.

Can he hear me? Ben2Times spoke in his head.

“Yes, yes I can.” the leech replied.

Ben2Times didn’t have the heart to answer him.  What a life.  He didn’t know what was worse, his situation or this leech. The black slimy started to scoot across the grimy basin. It sipped up a drip of rusty faucet water.

“Sucks.” the leech said.

He tried to ignore it and not get sucked into a long super-depressing conversation.  He needed time to himself to think.

“It’s just hard, you know?” the leech said and scooted up toward the slope of the basin.

Ben2Times moved his hand away from the edge of the counter and looked around the bathroom for something to stare at in order to look busy.

“I know you’re not deep in thought,” sighed the leech, “you’re trying to find ways to ignore me.  It’s okay, I am used to it…” the leech said.

It struggled sadly in it’s crawl but finally made it to the top of the basin and squished there with a sort of sploosh sound.

“Ahhh.  That’s better,” it said and looked up at Ben2Times, “say… what is your name?”

Ben2Times ignored it and opened the medicine cabinet.  He rifled through the pills and band-aids. The leech started to make a low whaling sound.  He ignored it.  A band-aid fluttered down slowly from the ledge and landed on its noisy head.

“I like my hat,” the leech said sadly, pausing his pitched whaling.

It stared up at Ben2Times with two big saucer-like eyes.  They were blue, extremely light blue like very, very blue.  They were like a vast Atlantis ocean, clean.  They felt so clean.

“….what?” Ben2Times woke with a start.  He had been staring directly into its big beautiful eyes for he didn’t know how long. “What is it that you want from me, exactly?  Ben2Times crouched down eye level to the basin while the leech readjusted his position and sighed.

After a time, he felt a cold slime begin to spread over the back of his hand.  Ben2Times didn’t move.  Didn’t even open his eyes.  Why bother?

After a while he felt two sharp pierces in to the inner fold of his elbow but he didn’t move then either. His legs buckled slowly down onto the floor and he leaned his back onto the wall of the dirty bathroom.  He listened to the staccato drip of the faucet and felt the cold crawl up his arm and now to this neck.  It sat there for a moment.

The smell of old eggs on a motel room hotplate wafted from under the flimsy bathroom door and mixed in with the stale but not altogether unpleasant smell of the leech as it slid up and around his body.

“I’m going to eat you…” Ben2Times muttered half asleep and reached up his paw to swipe the leech into his mouth, but missed and only swatted the empty air.

Why would he want to eat a leech anyway? he thought and he felt the cold slick trail of it make a turn towards his heart.


“Ben!!!!” Stephania yelled as she pounded on the bathroom door.  Ben2Times eyes fluttered open and closed.  He tried to wake all the way up but couldn’t seem to do it on his own.  “Help…” he muttered weakly.  Stephania heaved the door open with her shoulder and burst into the bathroom.

“What in the-“

The leech slowly turned his head in her direction.  It was 15 times its actual size and was now sitting on his chest, throbbing and wet and super, super gross.

“oh…Hello there.” the leech said wetly.

Stephania pursed her lips and marched toward both of them.  She stepped right over them and reached under the basin of the sink.  Grimacing, she reached behind the pipes.

“Er, excuse me miss,” the leech said, “I was just helping this lad here wake up but I need soooo much assistance as well,” his bright blue eyes grew even larger, “Can you help me-“

“Ah snap! Found it.” Stephania said and ripped the package out from behind the pipes.

“Is that for me?” the leech asked, “no one ever gets anything for me, I am very sad and I-“

Stephania punched her fist directly into the leech’s big mouth while she used her knee to balance the package and open it with her other hand.  She ripped it with her teeth.

“Yes!” she yelled when the package finally fell open.  “Ye…es?” asked the leech and looked down at the wiggling substance on the floor.

“A beauty!” Stephania said and backed slowly out of the bathroom door.

The small wiggling beige putty slowly pulled itself together on the floor and started to move around and form itself on its own.  It looked like what a kid would do to a mound of play-doh if a kid was there but there were no kids and the putty was forming itself.

It was also getting bigger.

How it came to grow or even form Stephania didn’t want to know and didn’t care.  As she eased the door shut she could see the final stages of the putty form into a life-sized hybrid Toad Dog type thing and it barked and then croaked and then smoothed out its cowlick in the back.  Steam rolled off of it in waves.

“Ewww….” Stephania muttered and locked the door.  The last thing she heard was a slurp and a burp, a swoosh and then someone furiously taping up the back of the pipes. Then there was nothing for a while.

She waited to see what would happen but nothing did.

Eventually she ordered a pizza and watched some T.V. but finally clicked it off and dozed in the chair by the bed. Still nothing.

Finally, she heard Ben2Times wake up and shuffle to get his feet under him. She put the remote down as he walked into the room.

“What happened?” he demanded. Ben2Times looked around the battered motel room, “Why’d you leave me in there?”

Stephania folded her arms and rolled her eyes at him. “Because I always leave you in there.”

Ben2Times looked at her and then sat down on the bed.

“Stephania,” he said, “You have to tell me everything.  Start at the beginning.”


“Sucked out by the vacuum of space”

“Sucked out by the vacuum of space” -a short story. (Part 2, Chapter 1)

coming in your television boxesPlanet BlinkA happy and you know this“Sucked out by the vacuum of space” -a short story, Part 7, section 2  What’s wrong with Ben2Timeshey you asked me and I gave it to you

“Sucked out by the vacuum of space” -a short story