Guess who’s having the most amazing Russian twitter meltdown?

As we speak.

LOL my title is like that old movie with Ashton Kutcher, “Guess Who’s coming to dinner?.”  I remember watching that when I was little.  But we need to talk about your president.  Seriously wtf



imho he’s sniffing the glue again behind the white house dumptser.  Got them aerosol cans or maybe just a line or two of that white lady (My mom called it that the other night and we were ROLLING laughing).  Anyway your president is having an epic Frozen iceberg meltdown and it is fun too watch.

It’s kinda like watching an action movie scene in slow motion when they show you all the train pieces flying up slow-mo into the air and the cars veer off the tracks and you know everyone is going to die.  But still fun.

He uses twitter like my friend Veronica used to and one time she went OFF.  All the way.  She blasted Marcus and the whole volleyball team and the coaches the principal, I mean everybody. It was crazy to watch but then she killed herself tho.


I don’t think he’ll do that. He’s too rich and crazy and now I wonder if we ever had a president who committed suicide.  There’s alwasys room for growth.

That may sound mean and it was.  I guess I should talk at my appointment today about that whatevs! lol.  No, I will.  I had a guy say that to me once and it made me be like WHAT!? “I can’t believe he said that….” on the inside but I didn’t say it cuz I knew he was already mad.  He was like, “Bitch… kill yoself.  Jump off of a bridge or something”. and I was like damn.  That was mean.

Well, I gotta go to school shout out to all my hata’s I know you don’t read my blog and that’s find by me it’s for my ANONIMOUS hastag twitter facebook rants and trying poetry without actually having to embarass myself to all my irl friends like the president.