Wtf moth

last night I was trying to fall asleep and pretty proud of myself for not being freaked out as much anymore about things that go bump in the night when I hear this soft patter. Like footsteps on the roof. I don’t assume and just lie there saying it’s the irregular rain and then I keep hearing it like little chunky freaky footsteps. So I get up and turn on the light and its this HUGE moth. I try to catch it in a box and it freaks out and I say “it’s okay moth I’m not going to kill you” and then it disappears in my dresser.

It’s super late so I finally realize I’m going to have to sleep in the room with the moth and it’ll probably crawl on my face, which I dislike. Then I think what if it’s that weird magic guy from down the street who morphed into a moth to antagonize and probably spy on me BECUZ THATS HOW I THINK and that makes me super annoyed

I wake up and it’s still ther and then I get online and some blogger posted about watching the link for silence of the lambs wtf. Not Like. unlike. Wtf

i know my therapist is going to say blah blah nobody can morph their body Stacy and blah blah just the universe and blah don’t be paranoid. I’m NOT paranoid ijs. Screw that moth crawling in.               o face andimage shit


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