I’m glad it’s cold and rain to
reigns​ in everyone’s parade


I can’t understand that if
EVERYTHING is some sort of weird hologram inners​ pschye projection of me
why do I feel like You’re​ not holding me

if you’re me.
And how domestic
Like the girl who focuses on the relationship between that true detective guy and the other guys wife instead if focusing on more higher minded things
And write the essay about the meat
And not the sauce.

So if you and him
Who I DO find attractive but again with the trope and the labeling and “oh she wants a relationship” and Stacy the homewrecker again but no I just think smart people who have sultry voices are hot.
So there.

But I’m not falling no no no
I just maybe wanted you to see that I CAN think somebody s hot and not fall into a rabbit hole of redundancy and domesticity but with you
With you
It’s hot
And then
Something more and u know what it is so stop waiting on me to say it

I want to tell you to go fuck yourself so many day but
I jus mumble it softly
Carressingly?? And nobody takes me away.

And this poem was supposed to be about philosophy matters but it turned into you
And I loathe that

See I took the time to scroll up my cheap device and italicise that and that’s how
much I loathe
And Care.

And now my battery is low and I didn’t even get to the part where I pontificate and platforms and you reminded me of my old first boyfriend Lee j who introduced me to Woody Allen and we would sit in his friend Jamie’s driveway at night
After mid preferably and smoke weed and sip Royal and talk about prince and why the revolution and the benefits of old skool like most def or any other and why
do the stars
Tell us we r ok?

So yeah if you’re a projection of me and everything I watch and hear including tropic thunder which I just watched the other day a classic
I suppose
But if I’m a projection of you
Couldn’t we just I mean
If I’m a projection of you and I mean couldn’t we just be
That won’t work it
We’re the ones thatkeep
The gods busy
And wait if it’s all me then
Who’s busy