What’s wrong with Ben2Times :sucked out of space

“Well, what’s wrong then?” Stephania asked Ben2Times as he readjusted the knobs on the milkshake machine, again.

“Nothing. Nothing’s wrong.” he replied and looked in the drawer underneath for a brochure or something.

“But you keep on doing all this weird stuff and not really answering me,” she said as he wouldn’t even look at her.

Finally, Ben2Times stood up from underneath the machine and looked her dead in the eye. “Listen, Stephania, it’s like this…” He grabbed her hand and put it up to his heart. Stephania felt her knees weaken a little and held his gaze.

“When I first met you,” he said, “I never thought there was a chance in hell that you’d give me the time of day. I mean, with you being so beautiful and awesome and I thought that you already had someone and what would you want with a guy like me…”

Stephania felt her eyes start to water and tried not to let it show. Ben2Times kept talking and searching deep in her eyes, “I…and then when… when I knew I actually had a chance I was overjoyed and to be honest a little nervous. And now this… to think that we may be trapped here in the Burger Bop for eternity or somthing like it and I wonder if you really want to be with me. Like, what if I say something to make you made or turns out you really don’t like me at all and now it just feels like I’m talking too much. I’m not being your cool guy…”

Stephania grabbed his other hand and tried to calm down her heartbeat. She didn’t know what to feel. “I like you…” she said, “I like you a lot. Let’s just keep going and see what happens and you don’t have to be a cool guy you dork, I like you the way you are…” she said.

“Yeah, but, here’s the thing,” he continued as he looked deep into her eyes, “I don’t think I want things to keep going the way they are. I want to get to know you more. I…I don’t mind if you sleep next to me all millenia while I just stroke your awesome green hair…and sometimes even… sometimes I feel like the words coming out of my mouth aren’t even my own, like it’s all a dream and I’making this all up, it’s weird and I don’t like that feeling.  But like I said, Stephania, I’m so into you…. and… and  I want to explore every bit of you… slowly.”

“Well that sounds fun..” she giggled.

“You know what I mean,” Ben2Times sighed and looked all serious.

“Don’t be so serious,” she said and slapped him on the arm.

He smiled.

She smiled.

All the letter ‘d’s smiled.


Natalianese frowned.


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