Zuckerberg and them done messed up with that Facebook Live App lol.  I skipped over a few part bcause it was long.  Man she was talking maaaaaaaaaaad shit to them police officers out there.  I was rolling laughing.  I know it is a serious condition and I was sad he got shot that’s why I was watching it. But the beginning before she started crying was the shit.  She was calling folks ugly and everything.  I know she said some racist stuff but I think the crazy ridiculous ness of the situation even topped that.  Then they was putting that tape farther and back and I was wondering if it was white people out there if they would be doing that and standing there like that.  I know I’m white but I identify with black people and my best friend is black and she sometimes called me White Chocolate.  ANd she called my other friend Black Amber even though she was white she acted black.  We would be talking and and somebody say yeah Amber was there and then somebody says, “Wich Amber?” and then Monica would say “Black Amber.” And we would all die laughing because it was true.  She was more black then anybody I know.

So its crazy that the tape was there and I think they put it there so they could arrest them if they crossed the tape.  I was thinking somebody should have brought scissor and just kept snipping the tape as they kept putting it up. Peacefully.  I wander if you would get arrested for that.  Probably if your black.  Anyway I felt real bad for every family there and the MAN that died that the police issue statement calling The Subject.  When she started crying was bad.  I’m glad that theres protests happening now and everybody saying “Oh be peaceful, protest peacefully” is dumb.  If I was there I would be starting fires everywhere because that’s what I do.  I wouldn’t be in the front, I would just be in the back lighting a whole bunch of shit up then going home.  That would make me happy.


the killer- “Look at them coons..” I like that she called them coons I do not know why.



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