Julie and Jim

so now i gotta write this fast cuz i promised my friend i would go to the beach and its nice and not be all locked in like a old woman.  but we had another movie night the other night- my mom and boyfriend and i invited Stephanie but she text and said she had to go to work last minute whatever.  good cuz my mom picked the movie i think to impress her new friend like shes all cultured and shit walking around in french pajamas vu lay vu and black mascara.  but she watches So you think you can Dance and eats doritors and we all know the truth.  but i didn’t say anything bc that would be mean in front of her friend i’ll just tell her later.  and him with his dirty beard and frowns all the time what a hairy cuntmuffin.  but it was ok the movie turned out not that bad after it took forever to get used to reading the words on the bottom of screen and the black and white.

I like the part where I thought wtf what a brassy bitch (in a good way) when she basically told all the guys what was going down like it wasn’t nothing.  I always thought it was slutyy and am i being slutty? but then i see it doesn’t always have to mean that maybe you just want to do stuff and have fun.

crap crap only 3 minutes left to talk about it before I forget hmmmm  idk it was a lot and i like how she got to dress up like a man and say whatever she felt or thought.  i try to be like that when i talk and will be more now too that i know even old women did it and its not so bad to be free

that’s all i got ran out of time but i wanna say again what a boss bitch except for the end.  so watching it with fam made me feel a little better less angry and everythings ok i know it




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