I lost my shit on my teacher today. It’s weird because I was trying so hard to be calm and not trying at the same time. Duck on the waters back and stupid shit my mom says like that. Something about rufing feathers and getting back to business and also the water rolling down the back. Anyway- this bitch kept loud talking me and telling me things in a really weird way and trying to embarrass me in front of the whole class.  I was just taking it and breathing and throwing anger balls this whole time but then today I walked away when she said some stupid ass shit about me.

So I kinda calmed down and prayed to sweet baby marble Jesus to not let me punch this stupid bitch in the face and then I started walking back but she was coming toward me all mad and about to say some more stupid shit I bet so I said you need to shut the fuck up talking to me like that cuz I’m getting real pissed off ectcetra. It’s fucked up because sometimes she’s nice to me a lot but I always knew to reserve for when she turned.

Mane now I feel like an asshole for saying that and I don’t give a fuck about a grade but I kinda think I hurt her feelings or something idk and idk what she thinks of me but I never really knew before and who cares. I guess we all care just a little bit and here we goanother bridge burns

I tried


fuck everything