touch Trigger fingers turn to Twitter fingers

You gon make me step out of my fucking frame ohhhh
They just mad cuz I got the Midas touch
Trigger fingers turn to Twitter fingers
Got the drank in me going back to back

Back to back

Don’t save her and if I die today remember me like John Lennon red fox red socks
Not even when she say you need every reason to please
Check em for a while and a ear peace soon as a motherfuckin
Back to back don’t save her she don’t
Wanna be saved instructions are to be careful of
A unkno n enemy fooled me twice
Bush my motherfuck g pet fuck it up good
Make him call me collect been fuckn the world
I make him call me collect with his legs round my neck
I got a chopper in the car December 31st Lennon collect
Big black icy watch fuck the woe world and
I ain’t come yet

Boom! Stacy me back in effect. Like they say I love rap. Mackwelmore got a new song and made iggy mad talking about white priveledge. I don’t know even know what that is. But the song is cool Seattle and United States black lbs matter. So cool. I like Mack.

Anyway my mom got me a membership at the gym down the street because she said it would be good for depression. Ok mom. We’ll see. So far just a bunch of sweaty guys and old ladies making noises. And I’m not getting in the hottub. No hotties. And I saw a woman using one of those foot scrub things on her feet in the shower. Gross.

And it’s funny when I think about it. All these people in a big room doing movements like hamsters. Like. Humans. Shouldn’t we be out in the woods searching mushrooms and running after lions and shit. Or from lions. From lions. Leonardo fucked that bear. After it fucked him tho. So then it makes me think of titanic. Like it’s all sinking. All going down. Mom says trump will sink it faster and I say vote for trump. Then she got me this gym. Sigh.

Anyway. At least I can listen to my headphones and disappear while I’m hear.

Still I feel like hitting people right in the face when they walk too close to me treadmill trying not to see me and you dream about it and when you dream I hope you can’t sleep and then you wake and then you scream about it ahhhhbbbbbhbbhhhhhhhhhhh

Don’t think intentionally
I’m internationally


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