like the X men

oh let me love you till i get it right can’t you let me be the one cuz i know you know i want it right

oh suga where you been oh you been hanging out with your male friends somebodys gonna hurt you the way you love to keep hurting me we’ll sing oh oh sheila oh sheila you know i want to be the only one oh baby

understand that i want to be the only man oh baby it’s plain to see you think you’re pulling one over on me
but you just wait and see oh

oh baby it’s 1 2 3 i love you baby honestly
i want to deedle deedle dee
ah deedle deedle do

oh oh sheila uh uh uh oh sheila oh baby love me right let me love you till i get it right
why can’t you let the others be cuz with you is where i got to be

Hey!~ it’s Stacy I’m back been awhile i was busy. I like this song cuz my teacher kept humming it in class when she was staring out the window and sometimes said the words to the oh sheila part and i googled it when she wasn’t looking which was easy and found it awesome i like black people and black music everything black. that’s why i like jess but he’s not black he’s something i’m not sure yet because i didn’t want to make him made or offend him so i just know he’s tan and not all the way white white like me. but that’s cool i like everybody and even if he is persian or something like that it’s cool the only people i don’t like are mean people cuz they suck. i am a nice person and i try to do nice things like open doors and smile a lot and take out the garbage when i feel like it.

my mom says i’m nice accept when she says stop being such an asshole Stacy and i say ok mom but you were just being a bitch to me and that’s why i was like that. and she says ok ok let’s grab our anger balls out of the air and throw them. fucking anger balls. she read some book or talked to Dr. Bollem or something and now we have to cunt around with these imaginary balls in the air. So she says when i’m angry or she’s angry or heather’s angry to pull out with our hands all of the anger energy in our belly and pat together an imaginary ball in the air forming the anger ball. then you hold the ball and can throw it out the car window or whatever to get it away from you. I wish i had real anger balls that blew up when i threw them out the window or roll accross the floor like the X men. I know one of them probably has anger balls or the ability to make a anger ball and that makes me happy at least.

ughhhhh i’m so tired of these commercials on pandora they seem to be getter closer together and i don’t want to save on geico or go to shopping. anyway, it’s late and now i got tired all of a sudden so i’ll write later