i need new sheets.

So a scratchpad just fell off of the front of the fridge when i was downstairs and that makes me uncomfortable. Not the fact that it fell because that can happen but it fell twice after i put it back up and the last time it seemed to fly off and my little sister’s magnet letter K flew off with it. I don’t like it when things fly off the wall becasue it make me a little uneasy and scared. Then i pray to good god and say please take away fear and evil spirits if in here and i then i go and open a door or a window for a while to let the evil spirit leave. i tried to read about it and one book said that the trick is not to have the fear as most people get scared and it gives the bad ghost power. so i practiced that and it works most of the time.

but what if a really gnarly one comes around or one that is just unsettling. i don’t like that. i pray i say why god these things and then peace drips down honey and i go talk to my mom about it a little but she gets all weird and starts taking out brochures and asking questions with numbers and how many times and do you often etc. but i know she sees it too sometimes this house. i think the wine or tequila sometimes makes her not care or denial. one time we were sitting downstairs on the couch and a book from across the room flew off the table and into the wall. now i know she saw this too and the book was on the fucking floor. the floor. it was on the table at first. and eventually she says oh dear mustve been the wind but THERE ARE NO WINDOWS OPEN MOM. and she says oh well let’s go to fred meyer i need new sheets.

and then there’s this paper doll dough man that my little sister made in class and it sits on the wall. well it’s stuck to the wall and it’s brown and about the size of a cat and has a small mass of black kiddie thread hair and a blue cotton nose and no mouth it seems. The weird thing about it is really the eyes they are those googly kind stuck on, you know the ones with the white background and the black pupil inside but the black inside never moves, it looks down and to the left very very sad looking. But sometimes it looks angry like it is very angry to be on the wall still. We made fun of it one day because i asked her if it felt weird to look at it too and she said yes! her too and so we named him Gingy. So sometimes we refer to Gingy and that seems to help. I don’t know why we just don’t take him down off the wall and throw or put away as that would be less creepy hmm.


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