yeah well it makes it harder for the janitor

don’t be a groupie keep it moving yeah you don’t me
yo i think i write a song for those think they know me i graduated out the streets

i’m a real og I been

trapping hittin pistols since i stood 3 feet so you gon have to show me yes show me
gon make me pull the chevy to a real slow creep  i give a fuck about the heads investigation on me contrary to your beliefs i’m as real as can be fuck yo thoughts and yo feelings bitches you don’t know me


i don’t know if you wearin wires you could be the police i just wanna ride with dro roll the dough with Cee  wanna ride in the bahamas with my famous og ak house on the hill right next to jg everyday we there for lunch and we make it go please

i’m so glad I have my music it helps me not to freak out aghhhhhh!  I figured out how to put songs on here and so now i can put this link!

I was listening to this and decided to dedicate it to my dumb ass volleyball coach.  I like the team and we get to play the games and go out after with the other teams so that’s fun.  ughhhhhh it’s really hard typing right now i don’t know.  i’m a little wet and sticky from practice and my shirt keeps sticking to my boobs and now the air conditioning vent is blowing fake air on me and making my wet clothes cold and this is making me angry. why do they do this at our school all the time.  blasting us with the air and making our nipples stand up and then noone acts like they see and hunch over like notre dame or whatever his name is ugh.  everything is so dumb.  expecially my stupid volleyball coach.  at first, she seemed cool and didn’t say much to us except to give us the pointers and assign the roles whatnot.  she would take us to ce ce’s pizza over on 4th but sometimes on humbolt street and buy the pizza which was nice and everybody stayed on the team nobody quit cuz we had just enough people for the team, actually an extra 3 or 4.

so we got our shirts and pizza and games and people in the bleachers and the coach is cool and then she swiched.  i didn’t notice at first but then she started telling us how to tuck our shirts in our shorts and she told vanessa that she ALWAYS  had to have her hair in a ponytail holder which was weird especially the way she said it.  vanessa just looked at her like fuck you and the horse you rode in on but she didn’t say anything and went to her locker to get the bands.  She didn’t come back for a while and i know she was thinking stuff.  Then dumb coach started pointing a lot and rearannging us the court.  all through practice moving us around and playing on her phone taking breaks then getting mad at us.  Tanya finally said one day this is bullshit and threw the ball down and walked off the court and coach got all grandy and said how dare you and called her mom and now tanya’s nice.  she had to apologize to her and now coach smirks and smiles sometimes.

ughhhh i’m getting so cold but i have to use this computer cuz my phone is freaking out and i can’t even get pandora to play the fucking songs i want or youtube and i’m gonna tell my mom or dad or jess or somebody cuz this phone is crazy. anyway, ima write about dumb coach more later because she just figured  out how to do a group text and keeps sending us updates about the proper ways to wash our uniforms so the colors don’t bleed.  I just throw my stuff in the washer all together and now she wants us to sort and differnnt temps of water measuring cups it’s getting weird.  i showed my mom the last one about certain shoes making too many cuff marks on the court and she just said yeah well it makes it harder for the janitor.  the janitor doesn’t care he does the same thing everyday i see him with the headphones and it doesn’t matter if theres scuffs or not he does the same thing regardless.  anyway i’m done thanks TI for singing this song.