that’s how you know

lets ride lets ride lets ride lets ride and get high and get high and get high and get high
do you forgive me? for you know not what you do and the 45 destroy yo dreams we mean thugs triple 6
my sides better get ready armegeddon test me now
no surrender pick up pens in my hands yes my trusted friend friend
everyday and shot a bird and broke his neck give me that mouth neck bird but yall don’t know though
been slippin in blood smokin the reefer to ease my mind come back talkin like a pistol now who ready to get bent
gotta make some dough so slang get yo hey hit you with magic always running from the boys
in blue hit em right between the eyes get mo mured all day yes red red rum rum rum rum rum yes red red rum rum rum rum rum

Music makes me feel better cuz i’ve been kind of weird about jess and my mom and my dad and my friend holly and i guess everything. everybody’s acting so crazy. maybe cuz of valentimes day but still. it’s weird when my mom gets all sad and weepy all the time. not just the once a month when her period and she gets wears the silk dresses around the house talkin in that old movie language like a superstar. i told her that was weird once and she said ‘oh you don’t know the tips of the hips darling’ or something like that but she said dahling i can’t really spell it. she’s probably sad for being alone and all and i know that’s hard. i told her to sign up for okcupid or tinder and she said she would think about it. i can set up her profile nice and shop the wrinkles but she is shy i guess. and holly’s just being a bitch. not sad at all. she was mad because she couldn’t find her red pocket dress that she likes and she said that i borrowed it and never gave it back from the night i spent the night and we went through closets. i know i don’t have her fucking cunting dress and i told her that trying to be nice and she asks like three more times after that and i said bitch do you want to come look in my motherfucking closets and she said no.
But she still looked at me funny and everytime we’re at the mall especially at the frozen yogurt where stan works she manages to say something about a dress or her dress or clothes or people stealing things. the next godamn time she says the word dress i’m going to punch her right in the tit. right in the tit. i know it’ll knock her breath out because i did it before and that’s what happens. i didn’t do it to her it was my mom one day when she was yelling at my little step sister and i knew she mustve been drinking cuz her lipstick was everywhere and she was wearing too much eyeliner like she does when that happens. so she was yelling and i got real mad cuz my little sister was crying and i punched her right in the left tit and from that point she shut the fuck up and looked dazed and confused. which was better than yelling. anyway that’s a weird story to tell but nobodys reading this anyway really and no comments likes follows and i kinda like it like that.
And jess keeps picking me up for the rides and giving me batteries which i like, but i like it more now when he gives me money or phone accessories. i got a new phone and its fun and last time he gave me a cool case and some wires and 60 dollars. To me, that didn’t seem like a lot since the last time we went out he gave me 150 and i liked that better. i know he must have a good job because the car and all and the nice leather shoes i know they are leather because my dad taught me how to look at shoes and tell if they are real quality or not and that’s how you know. so jess has nice shoes all the time not flashy but tanned and when we go to applebees he always gets the steak and at the movies we get the big popcorn and the nachos drinks etc, which is a lot. anyway, i still like him he pops up everytime i’m at the mall or something and surprises me and friends with stuff to do whatnot. valentines he got me a big teddy bear and box of chocolates the usual but i was kinda bored and kinda been liking bobby from class he keeps looking at my legs when i wear my volleyball shorts to class sometimes and i like that. anyway- i forgot why i even started writing this time but that’s ok i feel better.


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