swagga like us

stacy hiller in the building swagga on a hundred like thousand trillion 

he yo i know who on first yall just like tatoos brilliant 

now i’m the master shit how it feel to wake up with swagga like me 

she checkin my road and the boys say yes 

you can pay for school but you can’t buy class and i’m to clean for several metals 

true to the ghetto make you feel special and i’m the only thing to talk about 

and i’m gone 


so hi my poem was something like that but that one had more kind of lyrics mixed into it. i really can’t stop thinking about it and why bitch teach would throw away my poem. the reason i think she threw it away is because she seems like the type. well that’s what my mom always says seems like the type. sometimes she comes to class all tired and spaced out and i know she was drinking night before because she acts like my dad when he does that the next day. and i think she can be mean like that especially when the tequila because sometimes she says mean things then takes them back. like a few days ago helen was at the bored and trying to find the predicate and something about commas and she put the wrong place and bitch teach sighed really long and loud like really loud it was almost funny but I didn’t want to laugh cuz Helen is nice and was still standing there and then after the sigh bitch teach slowly put her forehead on desk and started rubbing it back and forth on the pile of papers liek some kind of weird animal in nest with her head. she kept doing that staying there and everybody got quiet and then she stopped moving her head but still down and we all waited. then she started humming mary had a little lamb and then said the word lamb everytime it came up in the humming and then said the lamb word louder and louder each time. so it was super weird and then bitch teach stopped saying lamb and said snow on the snow part instead and slammed her hand on desk next to her head everytime she said snow really loud. helen went back to sit down and she seemed confused and i said it’s ok helen i think she’ll stop in a minute and she did. after a while she looked up at us and then closed her eyes for just a little while. then went to the bathroom and came back all excited and happy again and started showing us pictures of her trip to the grand canyon from facebook. we all said nice things cuz nobody wanted her to start singing or humming again or being sad. she kept going on about the canyon and spiritual experience until the bell and we all left. i’m still mad about my poem but now that i think about it more i can see how she could lose it. 


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