fucking bitch threw away my poem

hey i’m glad i have this blog now my mom was write you need it to talk about feelings and express self and its like facebook but not so many people read it take advantage of you or embarras the family or like dad says bring the shame down. Anyway, fucking BITCH threw away my poem. my english teacher i wont say her name because i know thats how you get in trouble so anyway this fucking cunt threw away my poem. she’s the one who said come on guys really try the sakespeare and others and i really really tried. I’ve been sitting here all night trying to remember the way i put the words in order and i can’t get it right at all. not even close. and i didnt save it i just typed and print and it was actually pretty good. i was so mad i turned it in and she took them all home with her in her stupid fucking ugly bag that night and she forgot them the next day which was friday and then she musta got drunk or sometihng over the weekend my mom says because on monday she only had about half of them and everybody else didn’t really care suzanne said what the fuck stacy its just a dumb poem and cute bobby said chill stacy and i sat there really mad. i just stared at her dumb red shitty hair and tried to get sparks like that girl carrie. mom made me watch that old movie too and i didn’t like it but her mom said dirty pillows and now i say dirty pillows when i’m whispering in jess ear sometimes and he likes it. anyway i am still so pissed about my poem i will try to remember and put it here.