picture paragraphs unloaded…

like a 12 gauge shoti feel me follow me flesh of my flesh hail

what do we have here now do you wanna ride da da

picture paragraphs unloaded pray to god pray that he’s listenin deep inside the solitary mind of a madman cedric empty out my clip bust out this shit come with me

never realized the precious time that bitches be wasting i ain’t scared i got a head wit no screws in it moms is checkin in my bedroom but i ain’t there life as thugs to my homeboys in quick max when they turn out the lights i be there in the dark now hail marey come with me do you wanna ride da da ride da da da da da da la la

so i’m back stacy hiller here. got so much happening but still super bored sumtimes. that’s how it goes and i was thinking and i realize no one really reads these words because i don’t tell site and that’s ok. I’m not gonna tell jess about it either, the guy who likes me. i like him too he gives me so many presents i like. he doesn’t go to my school so that sucks but its fun riding in his car pretending to be hard and bumping our heads to the music he likes rap like me i like that. we listen to everything though sometimes slow songs sometimes fast and sometimes weird stuff that sounds like throat voices but not really and i ask him where he got it and he said he made it in his basement with his friends.

i haven’t meet his friends yet and he said i will but i did meet his dog he had it in backseat one day and it was black and had sad smart eyes like old old dog. i petted it and he said his name was Tomorrow. I thought that was weird but i didn’t say anything because i like him and i wan t him to think i’m cool and not the type of girl to ask questions about other peoples dogs and stuff, anyway the dog just sat there the whole time and didn’t even sneeze or stick head out of window when jess smokes the ciggarettes. Tomorrow just stared straight ahead and sometimes i feel like i can feel the eyes on the back of my head and when i looked back he just kept staring. weird. But Jess has a nice car mercedes beige with slippery seats i like feeling slip on the back of my thighs when i wear skirts and boots. Jess likes that. School’s been good, i signed up for the volleyball team so that should be fun. and i got 200 dollars from my dad when i visit last week so now i’m cool. gotta go i didn’t even get to our date yet. ūüôā so happy



Ball so hard

This shit weird we not even posed to be here

A She said can we get married at the maaaaaaaaaalllllll

meet me in the staaaaallll show me why you deserve to have it allllllllll

What she order? fish fillet and they goin gorrillaz huh ball so hard motherfuckas wanna find me


stop the beat a minute i got something to say –

you are now watching the throne

don’t let me get in my zone

i got that hot bitch in my home

you know how many hot bitches i own?

you are now entering the zone

don’t let me get in my zone don’t let me get in my zone

ha!~ was listening to this today. I’m really smart though. I was thinking and i write on here everyday conversational style but really i get good grades on tests. I mean I could try to sound smart but i want the real authenticty as others can really relate and maybe not jump off cliff or whatevs ha! jk I know that suicide is not funny bc my friend hung herself in garage and family found her swinging not fun. so yeah i can talk these things bc i have direct experience i mean not direct because then i would be dead and this would be ghost blog. ghost dad ha! my mom made me watch this dum movie and i was like nooooooooooo it is so old and who is this corny guy fuck he is corny. ghost dad I wanted to watch youtube and space out and she was like family time! in that really high pitched voice that hurts my sould. anyway- i haven’t wrote on here and i want to say things. i was busy with battery guy i can’t beleive he is so nice. i kept finding for a few days batteries and little treats and so happy look around my locker no one there. oh crap gotta wrap up forgot there was ¬†practice tonight. i want to post this though so i force myself. this is fun and ‘good for me’ mom says even though i won’t give her address ha!